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Modular Home Price

Modular homes prices questions? Many of you are questioning our prices on modular homes. Some of you say that our prices are too high.
Others say they are so low that is to scary to buy from us. So, we have decided to dedicate this page to answer all of your questions about prices on our modular packages.
Modular homes are one of the best ways to have a brand new home constructed at affordable price. We have manufactured homes price list on this site, free download!
We are receiving a lot of questions of this type:  what is good price for modular home? Can I save money on of site build home? How much I can save on modular home? Because of these questions we have started our new comparison program.
When you send us your estimate from some other company, we promise to match or beat them. We will do all the work for you and with absolutely no charge.

What’s The Modular Home Price?

The first question almost everyone asks is “HOW MUCH”, “HOW MUCH IS FOUR BEDROOM MODULAR HOME”. It is a natural question to ask when you are trying to get a sense of what things cost and to determine what is in your price bracket, and we understand completely.

Here Is the Hard Part. We CAN Give You an Answer, but …Homes are not like cars, they do not get priced based on a model.  Do you call local dealer and ask: how much does a car for five people cost? The good news is that we can still help to answer your question.
If you look at the models and ask how much is the Carrington Model? We need to ask you about 20 questions before we can give you an answer that has any accuracy. However, given that you are just trying to assess your budget we can make it easy.
So when you ask how much is the Carrington my answer will be: $73,756. This price will not give you anything. Am I right?

Here Is the Answer You Need.
Whether it is a Cape Cod, Chalet, Colonial, or Ranch, any square box with one roof line will run $60-$75 per square foot depending on the options you choose and the shipping distance from the factory. This price is for drop ship.
Any Multi-Roof, not so square house, will run $70-80 per square foot.
What Does That Include?

If you ask what is the price without asking what is included in the price quoted you will obtain a useless answer. The numbers quoted above are based on Delivered, Set, and Finished homes. They do not include foundation, electric tie in, water tie in, well, septic, excavation etc. Those prices are impossible to answer without site specific information.

When you select a floor plan please send us an email with the model name. We will start working on prices for delivery, set crew, basement, garage, deck and finishing work.
No matter how hard I will try to find a floor plan to suit your needs, I probably will not succeed.  I understand that in situations when you prepare a budget you need info on how much your home will cost. However, for me to provide you with a cost estimate you have to choose a floor plan.
But to get you started here are some rough pricing: Final turn-key price on modular homes can be estimated to be between $115 to $150 per square foot.

 Many times modular home can be more expensive than custom stick build.
From my experience I know that after we comply with all local codes on modular home in Lake County Illinois up to 1,500 SF home, prices per SF will be same or higher.
In Lake, McHenry, DuPage and some other Counties in Illinois can be estimated to be between $125.00 - (Over 1,500 SF) to $ 165.00 per square foot.

 Modular home price for Custom Homes?

When we say we are custom homes builder we are not saying you just get to customize the color of counter tops. We are truly a custom home builder. In other words we can build you any house design in any size you want it.    

Our homes are made in USA. No wood, drywall, insulation and other unhealthy materials are from China!  
Do you know, drywall from China are dangerous for you health! Thousands of homes in America must be demolish because of this.  We are green for years! Every home we sale in 2012 will receive energy saving bulbs throughout the entire home.

Help us and we promise to help you!
Simply send us an estimate from some other company.




To access the Modular Home Price List Page you must register to become a member.

 Go to floor plans and prices page to register.

If you register here My Promise to you is not to send you any emails, distribute your information or to solicit you in any way. After you register you will be able to access the page with modular homes base prices.
If you like to receive more information on drop ship prices or turn-key prices please go to Contact Us Page and fill out the form there.

Some modular homes prices:
ASPEN-1404SQ FT    - $58,631.00
PHEASANT RIDGE    1404 SQ FT - $59,281.00
TRENTON  1404 SQ FT - $59,161.00
We have price list on all models. Modular home price is not a secret any more!  

Modular home on Manta

Modular Homes Of Illinois on Manta.