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FINANCING - "Construction Loans"


Our goals here at Home Max include helping to arrange financing to meet your needs. Credit applications are submitted free of charge.


Home Max has a good working relationship with many banks and mortgage companies that will work with our clients with a variety of credit scores, income levels and down payments. We can also help you improve your bruised credit!


If you own property, equity in it can be used as a down payment or if you find property you want to purchase, it can be rolled together with the house purchase into a land/home package.

We work with any loan institution so if you should want to get your mortgage from your home bank, we will see that they get all the information they will need.



'How to Work With Lenders to Get Buyers Qualified, Approved and Closed? "

First, I have to sell the customer.  Then, I have to sell the bank! How to do this?

My knowledge will help us both. Nobody likes to lose time. Do you?

It's reported that as many as two out of every three loan applications are come back DENIED.

Why?  Because the dirtiest four-letter word in the lending industry is R.I.S.K., and there seem to be no new or creative programs to help good, solid, qualified buyers today.

But there are things we can do - actions we can take - to help ensure that a larger number of our buyers get the financing they need to buy your home. 

For more info contact us.

Please remember I am here to help you and answer all of your questions.