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The prospect of buying a new home is exciting. Buying a new home is one of the largest decisions a person or couple can make, and it is important to consider many factors before taking out a large loan and committing to a mortgage. With mortgage interest rates so low and with so many home options available, home buyers have countless choices when it comes to purchasing a new home. Because homes generally cost more than most people can afford to pay at once, it is necessary to find a home loan that can be paid off over a certain number of years. Many mortgage and home loan providers are offering great deals that make home buying more affordable than ever before. In addition to home loans being so affordable, you may also be eligible for additional benefits. If you are or were a member of the armed forces, you may qualify for a VA Home Loan. Or, if you already own and home and want to take advantage of the great low interest rates that are available, you may want to consider a Streamline Refinance. Veterans and members of the armed forces are eligible for special deals that allow them to purchase a home with no money down, and a streamline refinance can help anybody, veteran or not, save money on their current mortgage and lower their present interest rate to save them thousands of dollars over the life of their loan. Additionally, if you are thinking about building a new home or are looking at modular home options, or even if you currently own a modular home, you may still qualify for the benefits described above. Do some research and see how much money you could save on your home loan!