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 Floor System:

1. 2x10 floor joist, 16” oc  2. 23/32” subfloor glued and fastened.  3. Double 2 x 10 rim joist over foundation walls. 4. Double 1-1/2”x 9-1/4” LVL wood beam at marriage walls. 5. Single 2 x 10 rim joist on end walls. 6. 2 x 6 treated plate not included.     

Exterior Walls:

1. 8’ tall – 9’ tall available. 2. 2 x 6 studs 16” oc. 3. Double top plates. 4. Headers are foam insulated. 5. 7/16” OSB sheathing on exterior. 6. Building wrap. 7. ½” drywall with orange peel finishes on interior. Smooth finish available.

Interior Walls:

1. 2 x 4 studs 16” oc on all interior walls. 2. 2 x 3 studs 16” oc on all mating walls. 3. ½” drywall with orange peel finish. Smooth finish available.


1. 5/8" drywall with orange peel finish. Smooth finish available.

Interior Openings:

1. All openings 12’ wide and under have dropped header with jamb and casing shipped loose. 2. All openings over 12’ wide have a recessed header (drywall shall be shipped loose)

Interior Paint:

1. Walls. 2. Prime coat and one finish coat of flat, off-white finish paint. 3. Closet walls to have one coat of flat,   off-white finish paint. 4. Ceilings. 5. One coat of flat off-white finish paint


1. Basement and basement stair (BUILD ON SITE- NOT INC.)


1. R-19 walls insulation

2. Attic ceilings R-39 standard= Home Max install blown in cellulose insulation on site as option. Fiberglass available.


1. Single Hung, vinyl. 2. White on exterior and interior. 3. Lo E glass with argon gas. 4. Grills between glass. 5. Integral J-Channel for siding. 6. Tilt-in bottom sash.     7. Screen. - Double hung, Anderson 200 and Anderson 400 available.

Front Entry Doors:

1. 4-Panel, 3’0” x 6’8” 22 gauge steel door. 2. 5-lite Wagon Wheel Glass at top of door 3. Aluminum clad frame. 4. Passage latch and deadbolt.5. Aluminum adjustable sill. 6. Door comes painted white both sides and inside of frame.7. Magnetic weather-strip.

Exterior Rear Door:

1. 6-panel 2’8” x 6’8” 22 gauge steel door. 2. Aluminum clad frame. 3. Aluminum adjustable sill. 4. Passage latch and deadbolt

House to Garage Door:

1. 6-panel 2’8” x 6’8” 24 gauge steel door. 2. Wood frame, painted. 3. Passage latch and deadbolt

Exterior Siding:

1. Vinyl siding. 2. Double 4”. 3. Fascia trim accessory under all soffits

Exterior Trim:

1. Vinyl soffit. 2. Style: Triple 4”. 3. Solid under gable ends. 4. Center vented in eaves. 5. Aluminum fascia. 6. Aluminum drip edge. 7. Vinyl shutters shall be louvered or raised panel (front elevation only)

Cabinetry and Counter Tops:

1. ANS/KCMA certified, oak, square, flat Panel  2. Wall Cabinets: 30” tall – 42” available. 9’ walls require. 3. 27x36 corner cabinet in all corners as per plan. 4. 2-9/16” crown molding on all upper cabinets. Base cabinets: 1. Top drawer where available. 2. Two roll-out shelves per cabinet. N/A on Sundale maple!. 3. Lazy Susan in all corners. 4. Sink base with tilt out tray. N/A on Sundale maple! 5. Finished toe kick. Pantry cabinets: 1. Roll-out shelves. N/A on Sundale maple!                     Bathrooms: 1. 21" deep Vanity Base with drawers per plan. 2. Finished toe kick. 3. Mirror, towel bar, towel ring    and paper holder. Laundry Room:1. 30” tall wall cabinets, per floor plan. Hardware:  1. Knobs and/or pulls. Counter tops: 1. Cultured Marble tops in bathrooms per plan. 2. Post formed laminate, no-drip front edge on all base cabinets except bathrooms

Interior Millwork/Hardware:

1. Amber Oak 6 panel door, engineered wood, hollow core, embossed oak wood grain finish. Solid wood with 5 colors available. 2. Amber Oak Pre-hung door frame with 5/8” x 2-1/4” casing applied, embossed oak wood grain finish. 3. 1/2” x 3 1/4” Oak base board, stained oak finish. Wider trim available. 4. 3 pair of hinges.              5. Privacy locks on all bedroom and bathroom doors. 6. Passage locks on closets.     7. Door bumper. 8. Windows to be trimmed with Amber Oak wood jamb and 5/8”x 2-1/4” Amber Oak. Casing applied. Wider trim available with 5 colors. 9. White epoxy coated ventilated shelves. 1 shelf & rod in closets, 4 shelves in linen closets.


1. Vent-less range hood fan with light

Floor Coverings:

1. Vinyl flooring per print 2. No carpet.  (ceramic, hardwood, laminate available.)


1. Water supply system interconnected in floor system. 2. Pex water supply lines (copper pipes available per code or custom per your specification.) 3. PVC waste and vent lines stubbed through floor. 4. Exterior faucets   per plan. 5. Single lever lavatory faucets. 6. Single handle kitchen faucet with sprayer. 7. Tub-shower valve     (pressure balanced) 8. Toilet (1.6 gallons per flush) 9. Fiberglass plumbing fixtures, per floor plan. 10. Kitchen sink 8” deep stainless steel. 11. 40 gallon electric.        12. Ice maker water line


1. Floor register holes precut in floor. 2. Wire for thermostat. 3. Wall stacks for multi-story homes with flex ducts connected to boot.


1. 200 amp 40 space circuit panel. 2. Copper wire. 3. Super quiet 1 sone bathroom vent fans in all baths. 4. Range receptacle 50 amp. 5. Dryer receptacle 30 amp. 6. Front door bell, chime and transformer. 7. AC disconnect installed in factory. (whip provided and installed onsite by builder) 8. 6 porcelain, keyless basement lights and 2 receptacles. 9. Switch for basement lights and stairwell. 10. Two exterior GFI receptacles (1 front and 1 back). 11. Two phone jacks per floor with wire (Kitchen & Master Bedroom) 12. Two TV jacks per floor with RG6/COAX cable (Living Room & Master Bedroom) 13. Switched receptacles in living room. 14. Smoke detectors (1 each level and 1 each bedroom) 15. Carbon monoxide detector (as per code requirements)

Light Fixtures:

1. Light fixture package includes dining room, foyer, bedrooms, hallway and bathroom. 2. Exterior light fixtures at each exterior door

Custom Homes

When we say we are custom homes builder we are not saying you just get to customize the color of counter            tops. We are truly a custom home builder. In other words we can build you, any house design in any size you want it.


Switch & receptacle style Décor

Any Lighting package. Six styles to choose.

Brantford Bronze pull-down kitchen faucet

Cabinet crown molding:

Classic, Contemporary, Angled

Cabinet amenities:


Deluxe on drawers

Deluxe on drawers, Soft Action doors

Interior door hardware Accent Lever style

Front entry door hardware style Plymouth Handset and include deadbolt

Water heaters to choose: 1. Tankless for 3 baths LP or NG 2. 75- Gallons power vent.  

Kitchen Countertop:

 Silestone Sierra Madre AND MORE!

Cabinet hardware Pull style on drawers and doors or mix.

Cabinets with pullout shelves TO CHOOSE:

Spring Valley, Arch, Cherry, Amaretto

Spring Valley, Arch, Cherry, Cider

Spring Valley, Arch, Cherry, Paprika

Spring Valley, Arch, Hickory, Cider

Spring Valley, Arch, Hickory, Natural

Spring Valley, Arch, Maple, Chiffon

Spring Valley, Arch, Maple, Kona

Spring Valley, Arch, Maple, Natural

Spring Valley, Arch, Maple, Sable

Spring Valley, Arch, Maple, Sedona

Spring Valley, Arch, Maple, Toffee

Spring Valley, Arch, Oak, Cider

Spring Valley, Arch, Oak, Medium

Spring Valley, Arch, Oak, Natural

Spring Valley, Square, Cherry, Amaretto

Spring Valley, Square, Cherry, Cider

Spring Valley, Square, Cherry, Paprika

Spring Valley, Square, Hickory, Cider

Spring Valley, Square, Hickory, Natural

Spring Valley, Square, Maple, Chiffon

Spring Valley, Square, Maple, Chiffon Desert Accent

Spring Valley, Square, Maple, Chiffon Tuscan Accent

Spring Valley, Square, Maple, Kona

Spring Valley, Square, Maple, Natural

Spring Valley, Square, Maple, Natural Java Accent

Spring Valley, Square, Maple, Sable

Spring Valley, Square, Maple, Sable Ebony Accent

Spring Valley, Square, Maple, Sedona

Spring Valley, Square, Maple, Sedona Ebony Accent

Spring Valley, Square, Maple, Toffee

Spring Valley, Square, Maple, Toffee Java Accent

Spring Valley, Square, Oak, Cider

Spring Valley, Square, Oak, Medium

Spring Valley, Square, Oak, Natural

Hardware finishes for light fixtures, doors, and cabinets bronze.

Smooth drywall finish on walls

White or clay, vinyl, double hung with wood casing

Front entry door hardware style Plymouth Handset and include deadbolt

Deluxe package code: 22.8188.547

All Merillate cabinets from factory website available! 

no furnace or AC condenser included.



. 10-Years Structural Warranty

Through Residential Warranty Corp.

Illinois Modular Label inc.


Additional Options Available

Contact Us to select the options you desire and to verify standard
equipment. The information contained on this page is accurate at the
time of posting, but because of continuous product improvement, is subject to
change without notice and without incurring any obligation. Renderings and
floor plans are promotional illustrations that approximate size and may depict
optional or suggested features, therefore should not be used as actual construction data, an may not be offered in all series or models. We will provide accurate, up-to-date information on available options and specifications for your home.
Exterior elevations depicted may be shown with optional features and site additions.



12/12 Roof pitch w/12” eave extension

Pre-engineered trusses w/knee walls 24” O.C. serves as floor of upper level

 close-off partitions for site installation

OSB floor decking for center portion of upper level

Heat supply duct to upper level

110V electrical circuit to junction box for future lights in upper level

Rough-in plumbing for future second level bath

Stair package to upper level includes primed kickboard and carper grade treads and risers. Also includes: spindle railing and wall handrails (per plan).

NOTE: Railings shipped loose Insulation not supplied for second floor ceiling Gable and upper level windows are optional


Upper level framing same as lower level construction

Stair package to upper level includes primed kickboard and carpet grade treads and risers. Also includes: spindle railing and wall handrails (per plan) and recessed stair light.

Railings shipped looser

Plumbing of water lines to upper level = on-site connection

Heat supply duct to upper level installed w/floor registers

Hanging foyer light for open foyer entry models