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Manufactured and Modular Homes/Mobile Structures

     Illinois Forms,Structures Code, Installer License,Links.

Advanced construction standards and a housing shortage for low- and moderate-income families have made manufactured and mobile structures attractive alternatives to traditionally built homes. The Division of Environmental Health administers several programs to ensure that people living or working in these structures are safe.

The division regulates construction of modular homes and commercial mobile structures located in Illinois. Staff review plans for each model to be located in Illinois to ensure that these units meet minimum structural, mechanical, plumbing, electrical and energy conservation standards. About 1,300 modular homes and commercial mobile structures are placed in Illinois annually.

The division also has responsibilities relating to manufactured homes. To ensure quality living conditions for people who reside in manufactured home communities, the division licenses all parks with five or more sites (except those located in home rule units). Staff inspect each park annually for license renewal, at which time they check the water supply, sewage disposal system, electrical system, lighting, road conditions, spacing of homes and garbage disposal. Division staff also review plans for all new parks and any additions to existing ones.

State law requires that all manufactured homes moved since January 1, 1980, be secured using equipment that meets standards adopted by the division. Although installers of tiedown equipment must comply with these standards, the home owner is ultimately responsible for properly securing the home.

Effective December 31, 2001, the Manufactured Home Quality Assurance Act requires all manufactured homes to be installed by an Illinois licensed manufactured home installer or the homeowner. These homes must be installed in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. If instructions are not available, the homes must be installed in accordance with the Department's Manufactured Home Installation Code (these rules are still being written).

The Department is also listed as a State Administrative Agent for the Department of Housing and Urban Development(HUD). The Department acts as an agent for HUD in the processing of complaints regarding the construction of manufactured homes. The Department has created a Manufactured Home Consumer Hotline. This hotline is to be utilized for any problems associated with the construction or installation of manufactured homes. The number is 800-494-2645.

Modular Housing and Mobile Structures

Illinois Manufactured Housing and Mobile Home Safety Act (430 ILCS 115)
Illinois Modular Dwellings and Mobile Structures Code (77 Ill. Adm. Code 880)
Regulation of Factory-built Housing in Illinois - PDF
Approved Manufacturers of Modular Dwellings and Mobile Structures - PDF

Manufactured Home Communities

Mobile Home Park Act (210 ILCS 115)
Manufactured Home Community Code (77 Ill. Adm. Code 860)
Expanding or Constructing a Manufactured Home Community - PDF
Mobile Home Landlord and Tenant Rights Act (765 ILCS 745)
Living in a Manufactured Home Community - PDF
Abandoned Mobile Home Act (210 ILCS 117)
Abandoned Manufactured Homes - PDF

Application for Manufactured Home Community - PDF
Manufactured Home Community Transfer Application - PDF

Manufactured Home Tie-down and Installation

Illinois Mobile Home Tiedown Act (210 ILCS 120)
Manufactured Home Installation Code (77 Ill. Adm. Code 870)
Illinois Approved Manufactured Home Tie-down Equipment - PDF
Guidelines for Installing Manufactured Homes in Illinois - PDF
Illinois Manufactured Home Installers Act (430 ILCS 120)
Manufactured Home Quality Assurance Act (430 ILCS 117)

Original Application for Manufactured Home Installer License - PDF
Renewal Application for Manufactured Home Installer License - PDF
Application for Manufactured Home Manufacturer License - PDF
Request for Manufactured Home Installation Seals and Certificates - PDF
Manufactured Housing Consumer Complaint Form - Fillable PDF

Illinois Department of Public Health
535 West Jefferson Street
Springfield, Illinois 62761
Phone 217-782-4977
Fax 217-782-3987
TTY 800-547-0466



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