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Special Offers

*Offer Valid until 07/15/13. ONLY LISTED MODELS!
*Home Max Center reserves the right to alter or cancel this offer without notice.
*This Limited Time Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers or discounts.
*Home buyer must have a signed contract with a minimum of $2,000.00 deposit or 10% down payment on or before 07/15/13 to qualify.
*All deposits or down payments are not refundable however, can be use as a down payment on any other house from Home Max Center.
*Delivery of the house and set must be no later than  08/30/13.
*Delivery included only up to 200 miles from Rochester, IN.
Over 200 miles, the delivery must be re-calculated individually and will incur additional charges.
*We do not allow structure changes. Only interior walls or upgrades are acceptable.
*After we receive your form we will review and let you know how you can make a deposit.

This promotion will permanently end on 07/15/2013 and never come back.

Modular home promotion floor plans:

Carlson R6-26, Concord R5-26, Dearborn R3-26, Daytona R2-26 and Phoenix R4-26. 

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