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The modular home factory tour is fundamental and most important before you make a deposit and buy a new modular home. Before making the biggest investment of your lifetime, you owe it to yourself to see how your house will be built. Today’s home buyers can get credible information that will allow them to make educated decisions.

All in one place!  You will be able to see step-by-step how we build from floor assembly to roof assembly and everything in between; even options of interior and exterior finishes we offer. If you already build one or more homes you know how hard is to see every step of construction. Attending plant tour will give you this option. 

Make sure you prepare questions. Make pictures and notes. Take your friends and family. If you have someone in trades like carpenters, electrician, plumber or other contractors you will see they will be the most impressed and amazed at the quality of construction and attention to detail in finishes.

We are not saying visit us only. We strongly recommend visiting our competition as well. Every factory is different and has a different building process. That is why we urge all modular home buyers to tour more than one modular home open house. Make sure that the factory builds in your area and complies with all local codes!

Customize your modular home

The Open House is not only a great way for you to find out about your home and production lines but it also a great way for you to customize, chose options and combine ideas from other homes for your custom modular home.

COMPARE one modular home factory to another. Compare all options – what is standard and what is customized. Once you tour our factory, we are confident you will be inspired to build your next home with Home Max Logs Ltd.

We always try to send someone from Home Max to meet you in person. Answer your questions and provide you with information about your local building requirements. Please provide us with a 48 hour advanced notice to give us time to arrange your personal tour and to receive your certificate.

Choose us with confidence! You will be guided through each phase of the construction process, including our design center and our decorated & furnished models.

Come visit us for an eye-opening and informative plant tour and you will receive a certificate worth $1,000.00 in credit, toward your new modular home with Home Max Logs Ltd.

Each professionally guided modular home factory tour takes about one hour and starts  Saturday at 1pm! by appointment only!

We try to keep our data updated however; you should always contact us before attending a modular home plant tour.  If by any chance, you not be able to come please take the opportunity to view our factory home tour on line: 

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