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Weatherall 1020 UV GUARD® Premium Caulk- 10.3 Oz. Tube


Weatherall 1020 UV GUARD® Premium Caulk

Premium Caulk- 10.3 Oz. Tube

Available in 5 Gallon Pails, 10.3 and 30 Ounce Tubes    

 UV Guard Premium Caulk is a professional strength sealant that forms apowerful adhesive bond and remains amazingly flexible, water resistantand weather tight for years.

   Specifically formulated from state-of-the-art pure acrylic latex, UVGuard Premium Caulk may be used on log home joints, coated or uncoatedwood, sheet metal, masonry, stucco, most foam boards, drywall andpainted surfaces. It is also ideal for caulking windows and doorframes, baseboards, molding, siding and trim, corner joints, pipes, andvents. Advantages

Weather Barrier

Provides an effective weather barrier that seals out moisture and airintrusion and significantly improves energy efficiency. Highly Flexible

Superior elongation and flexibility characteristics. When cured, spansgaps up to 2 inches. Exceptional Adhesion

Excellent adhesion to coated and uncoated wood, sheet metal, masonry,flexible stucco, most foam boards, drywall, painted surfaces, steelgalvanized metal, aluminum. Extremely Durable

Resists deterioration caused by drastic temperature extremes andcontains highly effective UV blockers and stabilizers that protect fromdamaging ultraviolet degradation. Excellent Paintable Surface

Effective in providing a paintable surface over acrylic latex coatedsurfaces. High Recovery

Ideal for sealing joints with dynamic movement. Easy to Apply

Excellent tooling properties provide a pleasing appearance in visiblejoints such as log homes, window and door frames, siding and trim. EasyClean Up

Cleans up easily with water. Non toxic

Safe for interior and exterior use. Warranty

Carries limited lifetime warranty.

    Tech nical Specifications  

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)  


Premium Caulk- 10.3 Oz. Tube


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