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Weatherall 1047 UV GUARD II


Weatherall 1047 UV GUARD® II

Two-Coat Exterior Wood Finish

5 Gallon Pails Shipping $45 - $50

Finally, a True, Two-Coat System! Now you can ensure consistent color, protect the charm and beauty of your home & not go through an extensive process of applying one or two coats of this & another of that to get the protection you need.

UV Guard® II achieves its superior level of protection in only two coats; one heavy, back brushed saturation coat of color followed by a clear top coat.

The Ultimate in Long-Term Protection

UV Guard II is truly the ultimate in long-term exterior wood protection. Designed for use on log homes, quality wood siding, and other vertical wood surfaces. UV Guard II is also extremely effective when used as a protective coating wood shingles.


·      0;   Easier to Apply

With enhanced viscosity and pigment stability, UV Guard II is easily applied with light duty sprayer or brush.

·      0;   Scientifically Proven

UV Guard II is scientifically designed to protect and preserve the intrinsic beauty and strength of natural wood. Using stringent testing in which UV Guard II was exposed to high levels of sunlight, moisture, and temperature extremes, UV Guard II was proven to last longer and provide a much greater protection than major competitors.

·      0;   Available in Clear & Semi-Transparent Colors

UV Guard II is available in a clear finish as well as six standard/semi-transparent colors. Custom colors are also available upon request. For greatest beauty and protection, the recommended application is one heavy, back brushed saturation coat of color followed by a clear topcoat.

·      0;   UV Protection

Resists discoloration, cracking and splitting caused by the sun's harmful rays.

·      0;   Moisture Protection

Penetrates and seals the wood's surface. Resists warping, swelling and cracking caused by moisture.

·      0;   Mold & Mildew Protection

Contains and effective and environmentally safe biocide that resists decay and deterioration caused by mold and mildew.

·      0;   Easy Application

Goes on quickly and easily by brush or pump sprayer.

·      0;   Quick Drying

Normally surface dries within 30 minutes. Subsequent coats and complete curing may take longer. Full color development within two to three days.

·      0;   Safe to Use

Odorless when dry, non-flammable, increases kindling temperature/time of wood when dry. Safe for interior use.

·      0;   Minimum Preparation Required

May be applied directly over many existing water based log finishes.

·      0;   Ideal Surface

Provides an excellent adhesive surface for chinking, and virtually eliminates all debonding problems that are likely to occur with other popular finishes.

 Technical Specifications


Material Safety Data Sheet



Shipping $45 - $50

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