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Weatherall uv guard


Weatherall UV GUARD® STAIN


Exterior Wood Finish

 5 Gallon Pails


UV GUARD® Exterior Wood Finish is an exterior acrylic wood finish thatcontains highly advanced UV absorbers and stabilizers. These unique andeffective additives give greater protection and longevity to wood surfaces thatare continuously exposed to the harmful and destructive ultraviolet rays of thesun.



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UV GUARD Exterior Wood Finish was developed for use as an exterior wood finish for log homes and quality wood siding. It is also very effective when used as a coating on fences, shingles, and other vertical surfaces. UV GUARD Exterior Wood Finish is also safe to use on interior wood surfaces and is especially good for areas that receive extra amounts of sunlight.




NOTE:  We do not recommend that Clear UV GUARD be used as the only exterior coating. While UV GUARD Clear will add greater longevity and protection to exterior wood surfaces, pigmented exterior finishes will provide even greater protection. In addition to the UV absorbers and stabilizers, the pigment particles

themselves help to block the rays of the sun. Clear UV GUARD should be applied only as the "finish coat" after at least two (2) coats of stain have been applied. Clear UV GUARD may also be used as a "maintenance coat" to brighten and reseal a previous finish.

  Penetrates and seals the wood surface enriching theappearance of the natural wood and at the same time shielding and protectingthe wood with a superior, longer lasting, weather-resistant finish.

  Odorless when dry.

  Nonflammable when wet and increases kindlingtemperature/time of wood when dry.

  Easily applied by brush or airless sprayer.

  Repels moisture while allowing the wood to breathe naturally.

  Provides excellent adhesive surface for chinking andvirtually eliminates all debonding problems that are likely to occur by usingother popular finishes.

  Manufactured in non-yellowing clear and beautifullynatural semi-transparent colors.


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