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Better Backer Rod 2"


Better Backer Rod 2" 360' case $218.00

replace: Tri-Rod® Backer Rod 2"

Gripstrip is a closed cell backer rod that is shaped like a trapezoid is a highly insulating, closed-cell foam backer rod specifically designed and manufactured for use in the round log home industry.

The flat surface allows for easier application of chinking material. Additionally, it promotes 2-point sealant adhesion while it controls the depth of the sealant materials. Gripstrip can be used on the interior or exterior of your log structure.  Finally, GripStrip’s unique trapezoidal design compresses to provide an excellent fit to the logs while requiring no additional adhesive or staples.

Primary Uses:  Ensure Proper Chinking or Caulking Joint Design


Closed Cell ProductEnsures 2 Point Sealant AdhesionSave Money on Chinking or Caulking Materials4' Strips Make Application EasyThumb Activated Instant Pressure Release



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