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Better Backer Rod 1 1/2 "


Better Backer Rod 1 1/2" 460'/case $214.00

Trapezoid Closed-Cell Backer Rod

Grip Strip is a closed-cell, trapezoid shaped backer rod. Under normaluse, it will not cause out gassing. It's unique design provides an excellentfit and surface within the chink joint. This results in a savings in materialused.

Grip Strip is generally used on loghomes.


·  It provides a firmchinking or caulking surface.

·  Its shape andtexture allow it to be easily installed without using staples, nails or glue.

·  It repels water.(Most open cell products absorb water)

·  It’s compatible withall commonly available synthetic chinking.

·  It helps preventblistering of chinking surfaces.

·  It provides extrainsulation against heat loss.

·  It comes in a numberof widths and it fits a wide variety of log styles.     


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